You must have always heard that life at Uni is the best time of your life, esp if you are in a new city or a new country altogether, but the first few months could be one of the most challenging ones. However, don’t fret, we bring you a few tips along with a few student- to -student advices on how to survive your first few months and shine like a star!

First things first – enjoy every moment as this won’t come back ever. You won’t be able to bring back these days so put your best foot forward and take one day at a time and have a positive attitude This is your chance to learn about yourself as a person and where you want to be in the future, so have a ball!

You will be homesick – and it’s ok! Once the semester classes starts in full swing, it will be a bit overwhelming and you would want to see your folks – so take out your smart phones and call them, do a video chat, whenever you want to – even if it’s 5 times a day.

Create and stick to the budget –parties and drinking are fun but they are expensive -even on student union prices and you wouldn’t want to spend your entire year’s money in the first few months. So create a budget and do stick to it, however difficult it might be.
“Food, drink and general living actually costs real money, and the fact that it’s not being supplied to you anymore (by your parents) is a shock to the system. Learn to budget and understand the most cost-effective ways of shopping as soon as you can!” – James L’Esteve

Get a part time job – if you are in a big city as London, it is always a good idea to get a part time job – just a couple of days a week. This will be your chance to get off campus, to know the city better and have that extra cash in hand.

Sign up for societies, they are fun! Societies give you a chance to explore and grow your talents so follow your interests but remember don’t go frantic and sign up for everything as it would be difficult to keep up with everything.
“Sign up for societies within your first month; if you put off joining in, you’ll never do it” – Lisa Swan. “Go to all the social events, and get as involved as you can – just make sure that you’ve bought all your books so that you’re ready when it’s finally time to knuckle down!” – Jessica Parkhouse.

Drinking culture – Ahaa.. the drinks! Don’t feel obliged to drink if all those around you are. If aren’t up to it, refrain and no one will think less of you.

Make friends – this is your chance to meet and know so many different people, so go out, meet like minded people. Living in campus, in Halls or Purpose Built Student Accommodation ( PBSA ) makes it easier – someone is always there to hang out with. And we’re sure you will make friends that that will last for lifetime.

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